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      Becoming a Meteorological Powerhouse Through Innovation

      Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-03-24 09:42:10 | Author: Li Lin Xu

      By LI Linxu

      Behind the smooth running of the Olympic Winter Games Beijing 2022, much credit must go to the precise meteorological services provided.

      The 100-meter and minute-level operational weather forecast system employed at the Winter Olympics mirrors China's latest progress in meteorology science and technology.

      And more exciting applications are on the way as the country strives to make key core sci-tech breakthroughs in meteorology.

      According to a newly-released plan, China aims to become a meteorological powerhouse through sci-tech innovation.

      The plan, titled China's Meteorological Science and Technology Development Plan (2021-2035), details its goals and tasks for the country to develop its meteorological sci-tech undertakings in the following 20 years.

      By 2025, an open, solid, efficient, and robust meteorological sci-tech system is expected to be established.

      By 2035, the overall strength will reach world advanced levels, making key core technology breakthroughs.

      At that time China is expected to become a meteorological sci-tech innovation hub, with an improved original innovation capability.


      To achieve these goals, the plan pledges to double and redouble its R&D efforts from the 2020 level by 2025 and 2035 respectively.

      Nine key fields for R&D have been proposed, including meteorological observation technologies, data analysis technologies, weather and climate mechanisms, earth system models, digital forecasting technologies, meteorological service technologies, weather modification theories and technologies, climate change and ecological meteorology, and AI meteorological technologies.

      46 priorities have been identified, such as ground-based meteorological observation, fusion analysis of meteorological data, mechanism of extreme weather, space weather forecast, industrial meteorological service, mechanism of weather modification, climate change risk assessment, and meteorological talent cultivation.

      China will actively participate in global meteorological science governance and build international brands in meteorological equipment, disciplines, and sci-tech platforms, said Zhuang Guotai, administrator of China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

      The plan was jointly issued by CMA, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Chinese Academy of Sciences on March 3.

      Editor: 李林旭

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