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      • PHOTO NEWS|Expat Volunteer in Shanghai

        Habib Ur Rehman, a Pakistani expat living in Shanghai, is doing the volunteer job during the nucleic test activity.

      • A Colorful China in the Eye of A Geologist

        Dr. Marie-Luce Chevalier, a Belgian/French geologist, has been working as a research professor at the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences in Beijing since 2010.

      • China-MENA Relations:An Example of Win-win Cooperation

        The Silk Road was China's first economic expansion toward the West, connecting China through Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent to Europe. It wasn't only a route to connect markets and creating wealth, but was also a bridge to link people and exchange?culture and knowledge.

      • Toward Quality-Education in China

        ?The development taking place around the world has led to changes of all concepts about classic teaching. The current era requires us to develop the teaching process in dynamic forms and methods. The concept of education has been renovated from a mere transfer of knowledge through indoctrination, into more advanced and complex tasks and operations aimed at achieving the comprehensive and integrated growth of the learners.

      • China-Brazil Vaccine Cooperation, a World Model

        Dimas Covas, a health expert and director of the Butantan Institute, Brazil, was bestowed with the 2021 Chinese Government Friendship Award by the Chinese government, making him the first Brazilian expert in the health field to receive this honor.

      • Expats Solve Income Tax Queries in Contactless Way

        On March 30, Russian Anastasia Antropova, who works in Hengqin Chimelong, Zhuhai city, as a dancer, made a video call with the staff of the Hengqin Tax Department through the V-Tax platform, completed her identity confirmation, and obtained her registration code on the Individual Income Tax APP.

      • Appreciating a Different Culture Without Filters

        Yves Mouillet moved to Beijing 15 years ago to pursue a childhood dream of learning about Chinese culture. "It was a journey that altered the course of my life," he told S&T Daily recently.

      • Education That Inspires Generations

        As a goodwill ambassador, I practice cultural diplomacy, revealing to the world "the souls of the nations" I closely relate to.

      • Science as a Bridge to Benefit Global Well-being

        Martin Banwell, a world-renowned Australian scientist, amassed a lengthy list of honors during his academic career in the field of organic chemistry. He became a fellow of the Australian Academy of Science in 2004 and joined Jinan University (JNU) as a full-time professor at the end of 2019, before being appointed the first dean of the Institute of Advanced and Applied Chemistry Synthesis (IAACS).

      • Two Sessions Boost Prospects for High-tech Industry

        Alongside increasing its global economic share, China continues to lead the world in many spheres, including science, technology and innovation. Through constructing the space station, supercomputer, and its unparalleled feats in artificial intelligence, new medicines,? and? low-carbon technologies, China has already ushered in a new era of these fields.

      • Sustainability Shaping Great Collaboration

        Dr. Narong Sirilertworakul is the President of Thailand's National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), an organization tasked with enhancing Thailand's global competitiveness in scientific research and technology, modernizing the country's industries, and enhancing Thais' quality of life.

      Top News

      China, Europe Close Cooperation on Earth Observation Science

      Dragon cooperation is a flagship of China-Europe sci-tech cooperation in EO.

      How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

      No matter when and how the pandemic will end, what is of vital importance is that humanity learns from the lessons of the current pandemic, in order to be better prepared for the next one.


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