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      • Promising Outlook for New Energy Storage Solutions

        To promote large-scale, high-quality development of new energy storage ability, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration of China recently issued the 14th Five-Year (2021-2025) Plan for Development of New Types of Energy Storage, aimed at providing more support for China's carbon emissions peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

      • Regional Innovation, Cooperation Accelerate China's Prosperity

        In the revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology, more targeted measures are put forward to encourage regional development.

      • Good News for Sci-tech Workers

        In order to motivate researchers to climb up sci-tech peak, many policies that benefit researchers are put forward in this revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology.

      • Green Hydrogen Powers China's Energy Future

        China plans to further promote the construction of hydrogen energy infrastructure and expand its applications.

      • Protecting Underwater Cultural Heritage

        Salvage work on the largest and most well-preserved wooden shipwreck discovered by China's underwater archaeologists, the Yangtze River Estuary No. 2 ancient ship, officially began in early March.

      • Hainan, a Carbon Trading Model for Green Development

        Approval has been given to establish the Hainan International Carbon Emission Trading Center (Hainan Carbon Center) in Sanya, Hainan province, which is expected to be put into operation in the latter half of 2022.

      • Enterprise Tech Innovation Drives China's Development

        Enterprises, whether state-owned or private, have played an increasingly prominent role in leading China's sci-tech innovation.

      • China to Introduce e-ID Cards Nationwide

        The Chinese government will introduce electronic national identity cards, or e-ID cards, across the country later this year, enabling better services for an increasing interprovincial population, according to Premier Li Keqiang.

      • Commercializing Sci-tech Achievements Stimulates China's Innovation

        In chapter 3 of the revised Law on Progress of Science and Technology, among eight newly-revised articles, seven are related to the commercialization of sci-tech achievements, which clearly demonstrates its significance in promoting national sci-tech progress.

      • Innovation-driven Development Blueprint for 2022

        China will continue to implement the innovation-driven development strategy and strengthen the foundation of the real economy.

      • Ushering in a Good Ecosystem for Basic Research

        Basic research is the foundation of the entire science system, the key to all technological challenges, and the precondition for achieving sci-tech self-reliance and self-strengthening at higher levels.

      Top News

      China, Europe Close Cooperation on Earth Observation Science

      Dragon cooperation is a flagship of China-Europe sci-tech cooperation in EO.

      How to Prevent the Next Pandemic

      No matter when and how the pandemic will end, what is of vital importance is that humanity learns from the lessons of the current pandemic, in order to be better prepared for the next one.


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