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      SpeeChin: A Voiceless Siri

      Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-03-03 11:06:33 | Author: Staff?Reporters

      By Staff Reporters


      Imagine commanding a smart device without speaking or clicking a button? Now, thanks to an electric necklace invented by Cornell University, this is entirely possible .

      Called SpeeChin, the necklace is not made up of silver, gold or semi-precious stones like conventional jewelry, but instead holds an upward facing infrared camera to capture images of the human neck and face under the chin. Based on a special machine algorithm, SpeeChin can translate a user's jaw movements into instructions and directly command the paired smart device, just like using Siri without voice.

      According to the experiments, the necklace can recognize simple English and Mandarin with an average accuracy of 90.5 percent and 91.6 percent respectively.

      Designers hope that it can make increase the convenience of using a smart phone in places requiring a quiet environment. In addition, people who cannot speak because of the illness can also benefit from SpeeChin.

      Editor: 余昊原

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