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      Chinese Cities Rise with Innovative Hubs

      Source: Science and Technology Daily | 2022-03-10 09:53:22 | Author: Staff?Reporters

      Shenzhen. (PHOTO: VCG)

      By Staff Reporters

      Chinese cities have performed well in the number and growth rate of researchers and scholarly outputs, according to a report jointly issued by the Administrative Center of Shanghai R&D Public Service Platforms and the global publishing company Elsevier on February 28.

      With most data collected between 2016 and 2020, the report selected 20 cities from Asia, North America and Europe, and evaluated them with indicators like researcher population and output, researcher mobility, international collaboration, patent related activities and commercialization.

      Data shows the outstanding performance of Chinese cities in attracting and reserving researchers. Beijing, one of the 20 cities, has the largest researcher population, followed by Shanghai, London, Boston and New York. Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong) are in the top five in the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of number of researchers, with Shenzhen taking the lead.

      In terms of research mobility (data from 1996-2020), Shenzhen was only second to Seoul concerning the inflow of researchers. Shanghai and Beijing ranked second and third, when it comes to the proportion of sedentary researchers who have not published papers with affiliations outside of their city.

      Scholarly outputs from Chinese cities have been rocketing as well, with Beijing and Shanghai leading the total publication count. Shenzhen ranked first in terms of CAGR of total publications, and the three other Chinese cities all make top five in this category.

      The quality of the scholarly output also matters. Beijing ranked top regarding number of the top one percent highly cited publications. Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong claim the top three for the CAGR of top one percent highly cited publications with Shenzhen at 29.3 percent, far ahead of the other cities. Shenzhen also tops the CAGR of papers published on Cell, Nature, or Science, all well acknowledged scientific journals, with an astonishing 67.4 percent.

      Beijing ranked first for the number of total international collaboration publications, and Hong Kong leads in the share of international collaboration publications of the city's total publications. All four Chinese cities ranked top five for the CAGR of international collaboration publications, with Shenzhen leading at 32.7 percent.

      Editor: 湯哲梟

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